Data Center Solutions: Servers, Applications, Databases and GIS

Data is critical to the effectiveness and efficiency of today’s businesses. Access to linked, integrated data – whenever and wherever you need it – drives business performance and productivity. Yet, with data commonly stored in multiple, disparate sources, translating data into meaningful information and connecting people to reliable data involves significant product and technical complexities that many companies cannot manage alone.

To achieve actionable success, you need DataLOGIC, a partner that understands how to architect and engineer data center solutions for your GIS. We listen to you, we review your requirements, and we offer Enterprise GIS solutions to meet defined needs while increasing your Return On Investment (ROI) using Server, Desktop and Application Virtualization. We help you transition towards Cloud computing with safe and reliable system and database infrastructures to make your GIS perform well.

Understanding your business requirements and architecting a solution to meet those requirements while addressing user productivity needs is what we do. DataLOGIC starts by understanding your current technology and application environments, we consider industry trends and directions and we define a forward-looking technical vision. Server, Application, Database, and GIS are considered within your unique business requirements. Solutions are centered on core front-line strategies and objectives, designed as an enterprise data management foundation and deployed to leverage functionality provided by various applications, while meeting user productivity needs.

DataLOGIC specializes in Architecting and Engineering Virtualized Solutions for Large-user Data Center Environments. Our services consist of:

  • Application Virtualization (Citrix XenApp)
  • Desktop Virtualization (XenDesktop)
  • Server Virtualization (Citrix XenServer and VMware)
  • ESRI Product Integration and Workflow Strategies
  • Benchmarking, Optimizing and Auditing (EdgeSight)
  • Data Risk Management and Security

DataLOGIC solutions help Federal and Commercial customers to consolidate systems, applications and data for reason of:

  • Cost Management and Containment
  • Resource Performance and Scalability Aligned with User Productivity Needs
  • Provisioning and Managing System and Software Resources Effectually
  • Optimizing Network, Server and Storage resources.
  • Security
  • Migration to Cloud Computing

DataLOGIC fixes GIS performance issues within virtualized environments.

DataLOGIC provides GIS / IT virtualization solutions that allow our customers to reduce IT costs while maximizing ROI on existing technology investments for both Virtual Servers, Desktops and Application.