Enterprise GIS

As a provider of GIS and IT enterprise services to the Federal and Commercial marketplace, DataLOGIC brings contemporary methods, tools and experience to each project and work task. We help our customers define technical solutions to address specific business requirements using our proprietary Information Needs Assessment (INA) and object modeling methods; architect and design enterprise application, system and data solutions using best-practice methods; and build, deploy and maintain technical solutions. DataLOGIC specializes in the integration of enterprise IT and GIS solutions within Windows server architectures and ESRI/Citrix environments. DataLOGIC knows how to make ESRI software work well within a virtualized environment.

We have been successfully providing life-cycle application development services using .NET, ASP.net, C#, Java and XML technologies for over 12 years; specializing in designing and building ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server applications in the Environmental, Resource Management, and Engineering disciplines.  We extend Field and Mobile GIS across industry and government to:  manage, inventory and monitor assets; evaluate asset groups and compute metrics based on multiple spatial and non-spatial criteria; and provide a foundation for efficient and cost-savings application and tool portfolios.  Coupled with DataQE, our commercial data quality evaluation engine, DataLOGIC is able to implement a range of mobile solutions to ensure that data are collected and maintained according to defined standards and valid “business logic” conditions. Our staff have expertise in the areas of:

  • IT and GIS Program Management
  • ESRI products – ArcGIS (and extensions), ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE, ArcObjects, ArcEngine, etc.
  • Windows Server architecture and design
  • ArcGIS and Citrix datacenter/farm architecture for large and medium customers
  • GIS Programming languages – Visual Studio (VB.net, ASP.net, etc.) and XML
  • Database Programming – Oracle, SQL, Access, etc.
  • C/C++ /C# /J2EE/Java Programming
  • ERDAS Image Processing
  • Windows, iPhone and Android mobile and cloud environments
  • Bing and Google Maps

DataLOGIC transitions large Federal and Commercial customers in the areas of IT and GIS by:

  • Evolving customer’s current computing and application environments into a more dynamic virtualized environment.
  • Transitioning federal and commercial customers from client/server to service-oriented architectures.
  • Architecting solutions to provide scalable and secured computing resources (hardware, software, data, storage and so on) rapidly to users as demand dictates.
  • Presenting opportunities to reinvent workflows to align user productivity with IT resource performance and scalability.
  • Provisioning servers, as services, using virtualization architectures and tools.
  • Guiding customers to cloud computing solutions by enabling computer resources to be delivered as a service.
  • Migrating customers from desktop-centric GIS to services and server-centric architectures.