Distributed File System (DFS) Scaling Project

“…. I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you’ve done on this project.  I know you’ve given it your blood, sweat and tears and I really appreciate that….  and respect your team’s technical skills and abilities, and work ethic….”

Julie Pope
Project Manager, USDA Forest Service Integration Services Contract
IBM Global Business Services, US Public Sector

Server Virtualization Recognition

Recognition from the Forest Service Sustainable Operations group for the design and implementation of server virtualization.   “…. The team’s server virtualization has enabled the Forest Service to host over 300 logical servers using only 26 physical servers.   The power consumption savings (power consumption avoided) for these virtual servers translated to ~174,000 kilowatts per month in electricity, and that only includes virtualization in our development environment.   Once virtualization is expanded into production, savings will expand to the pre-production and production environments….”

Deb Oakeson
Assistant Director, Technology Architecture, USDA Forest Service

Wright ReferenceMobile Data Solution for Inventory & Monitoring

“…DataLOGIC has integrated seamlessly with the work done internally by SECN staff, helping rapidly develop a decision support system that is streamlined, easy to use and familiar to end-users.”

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Christina Wright
Biologist / Data Manager
Southeast Coast Network, USDOI National Park Service

Brown Reference
Enterprise GIS Solution

“…exceptional at translating user requirements into well-received products and they worked well under tight deadlines.”

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Seona L. Brown
Wildlife Business Area Manager
Natural Resource Information Systems/NRM, USDA Forest Service